Antari S-500L Snow Machines added to hire

Antari S500 Snow Machine

Antari’s latest snow machine: The Antari S-500L Snow Machine. Its main body and 20-Liter fluid tank are placed inside a road case with wheels.

The nozzle is connected by a 10-Meter long hose and it can be easily rigged on a standard truss or tripod stand. Air and snow fluids are delivered to nozzle via the 10-Meter hose. Users can adjust the air volume and fluid flow rate to get the right snow effects needed, from fine snow to blizzards.

The Antari S-500L Snow Machine Features
  • Can be used with the optional PM-1 pan motor with 120 degrees pan to increase coverage area
  • Blower built into flight case keep noise level at minimum
  • Extreme high output
  • Adjustable snowflake size
  • Road case for outdoor operation and provide extra protection

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