Exciting News: Robe Tetra2 Lighting Fixtures Coming Soon to Hire!

Robe Tetra2 Front

Get ready to elevate your events and installations to a whole new level of brilliance! We’re thrilled to announce that the cutting-edge Robe Tetra2 lighting fixtures will soon be joining our rental fleet.

Illuminate Your Imagination:
Unleash your creativity with the unparalleled brilliance of the Robe Tetra2. These fixtures redefine the possibilities of lighting design, offering mesmerising holographic flower effects and precise colour mixing that will leave your audiences spellbound.

Perfect for Events & Installations:
Whether you’re planning a grand event, a theatrical production, or a captivating installation, the Robe Tetra2 is the ideal lighting companion. Its compact and lightweight design makes it incredibly versatile, adapting seamlessly to any setting.

Effortless Control & Innovation:
Achieve unparalleled precision and control with intuitive DMX protocols, allowing you to synchronise and program the fixtures effortlessly. Let your imagination run wild as you create stunning visual displays and immersive lighting experiences.

Discover the Magic of Light:
Get ready to elevate your event lighting to new heights with the Robe Tetra2 fixtures, coming soon to hire. Unleash the creative potential of these mesmerising luminaires and let your events shine like never before.

Stay tuned for updates on when you can reserve your Robe Tetra2 lighting fixtures and make your next event an unforgettable spectacle of light!

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