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Tonight we joined companies from all across the events industry by lighting our building in red.

Since early March, the events industry has been mostly without work. All kinds of major events are currently prohibited due to the COVID-19 crisis. Corporate events, conferences, concerts, festivals, weddings, trade shows and theatrical performances are no longer able to go ahead. This is leaving an entire industry dormant, with over twenty-five thousand businesses and over half a million workers throughout the UK directly suffering the ill effects.

Companies from all across the events industry, as well as event locations, (event centres, convention centres, conference hotels, theatres, concert halls, playhouses and nightclubs) throughout the UK are joining together tonight (6th of July 2020). By lighting their buildings, or buildings in their region, red in order to draw attention to the dramatic situation in the event industry we can make a statement that can’t be ignored. 

We were the first ones out, and will be the last ones back in

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