New Milos Mini MR1 Outdoor Canopy Stage

Outdoor Stage Canopy Truss Steeldeck

The Milos Mini MR1 Outdoor Canopy Stage measures 6.5m x 4.5m. This is ideal for the medium size performance or presentation. The useful stage area is approximately 5.5m x 4.9m (18′ x 16′).

The Milos Mini MR1 stage is freestanding and is just over 4m high at the front of the arched roof. The Steeldeck stage is approx 1m high and has a black skirt around and a set of treads up to it. The Milos Mini MR1 outdoor canopy has meshed walls on three sides with which can be removed if required.

Like our larger MR1 canopy, the Mini MR1 requires a water ballast system. We will provide the water ballast tanks but it is the clients responsibility to provide the water. This Milos Mini MR1 Canopy Stage requires about 3-4 hours to build depending on site conditions and any technical requirements.

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