More Philips SL eSTRIP LED Battens For Hire

Philips SL eSTRIP 10

To facilitate large orders of LED Battens we now have even more Philips SL eSTRIP 10 LED battens in hire!

The SL eSTRIP 10 is the latest addition to the Philips Showline eSeries family. Ten cells of homogenized RGBW LEDs deliver a blended wash of colour , emulating the traditional halogen strip light effect, with reduced power consumption, lower heat output, and minimal maintenance.

With its rugged construction, internal power supply and simple operating system, the SL eSTRIP 10 is an ideal replacement for conventional MR-16 strip lights for all entertainment applications.

Philips SL eSTRIP 10 LED Batten Specification:

Philips SL eSTRIP Optics:

  • 20 degree beam angle 
  • 10 units of 4in1 RGBW LED engine

Philips SL eSTRIP Features:

  • Color Gel filter preset
  • Chase – Strobe + Duration Effect Engine
  • LED & Tungsten Curves selection
  • Harmonize Color Calibration

Philips SL eSTRIP Controls:

  • DMX-512A(RDM)

Philips SL eSTRIP Modes:

16 bit RGBW mode (8ch – 80ch)

  • – 1 pixel 
  • – 2 pixels 
  • – 5 pixels 

– 10 pixels 8 bit RGBW mode (4ch – 40ch)

  • – 1 pixel 
  • – 2 pixels
  • – 5 pixels 
  • – 10 pixels

Philips SL eSTRIP Physical:

  • 100 – 240VAC, 90W Max 
  • 1082mm x 130mm x 139mm, 7Kg 
  • CE, IP20

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