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ETC Coloursource 40 AV added to stock

ETC’s ColorSource lighting consoles give you hands-on control, designed for the latest technology.

These affordable, portable desks specialise in streamlined, plug & play setup; when you power up a console, it recognises intelligent lights in the rig and auto-populates them in the patch. Simply use the onboard touchscreen to drag each fixture into place on a customizable stage map, and you’ll be programming in minutes.

With the flick of a fader, you can run effects, mix LED colors, and – with the AV consoles – play sound and video effects .

Now you can handle your small rig – with style.

• ColorSource 40 AV: 40 faders and 80 control channels (dimmers or multi-parameter devices) over up
to five sACN universes
• Four configurable sliders, five configurable soft-keys and a home button
• 17.8 cm multi-touch screen for information display, control of moving light parameters and data entry
• Two 5-pin XLR DMX/RDM ports
• One RJ45 port for lighting network connection
• Two USB ports
• 1/8” stereo audio input and output ports for sound to light and audio playback
• One HDMI port for video playback and external monitor functions
• Amigo™ browser based network remote

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ETC Coloursource 40 AV added to stock

We have added the ETC Coloursource 40 AV console to hire stock

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