“Police Cops The Musical” at Southwark Playhouse

Police Cops The Musical Big Guns, Big Muscles, Bigotry

We are proud to have supplied an array of cutting-edge lighting equipment for ‘Police Cops The Musical’ at Southwark Playhouse, with both the lighting and set brilliantly designed by Andrew Exeter, featuring our Robe LEDbeam 350’s, Robe Spikie’s, Robe Esprites, and complemented by the ETC S4 LED Lustr 3’s and Cameo B200’s.

About “Police Cops The Musical”: “Police Cops The Musical” transports you to 1985 in the United States, an era of vibrant neon lights and larger-than-life characters. Rookie Police Cop Jimmy Johnson joined with dreams of protecting and serving but now faces trouble. Paired with a renegade Police Cop and pressured by an unwelcoming Chief, Jimmy embarks on a wild adventure. He travels from the mean streets of America to the intriguing landscapes of Mexico, where destiny unfolds in the form of the grizzled ex-Police Cop, Juanita Gonzalez. The multi award-winning Police Cops make a triumphant return, bigger and bolder than ever, with an expanded ensemble and original songs, delivering their unique brand of physical comedy mayhem in their most ambitious show yet.

At Southwark Playhouse: Southwark Playhouse, well-known for its commitment to the arts, provides the perfect setting for “Police Cops The Musical.” This lively venue is a staple of London’s theatre scene, consistently delivering outstanding performances in a warm and intimate atmosphere. Situated in the heart of Southwark, it has become a hub for artistic expression, offering a stage where creative visions come to life. The Southwark Playhouse ensures that “Police Cops The Musical” is not just a show but an immersive experience that showcases the fusion of talent, technology, and storytelling.

Our Provided Equipment:

We also want to highlight that sound for this production was expertly provided by our sister company, Stage Sound Services, ensuring that every sound is delivered with remarkable clarity and precision.

Police Cops The Musical 2

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