PVC Tapes

Our extensive range of coloured PVC tapes cover a variety of applications including electrical, construction, protection and general use. Using non-corrosive adhesives, these tapes are flame retardant and self extinguishing. They are easily tearable and can be applied to awkward surfaces with ease. Perfect for taping cables, insulating exposed conductors or colour coding large batches of multiple products.

AT7 is a lead free PVC electrical insulation tape with a cross-linked solvent based rubber-resin adhesive suitable for general electrical insulation work.

AT7 conforms to specification BS EN 60454 Type 2 and is flame retardant and self extinguishing giving a very safe performance for all kinds of mechanical and electrical applications.
It is easy to unwind and tear so reduces the risk of RSI. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use as it’s water and UV resistant.
The extreme conformability enables the tape to be easily applied to awkward surfaces. Used for insulating cables, harnessing and colour coding.

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