ETC Source Four Junior

ETC Source Four Junior  supplied boxed with bare ends only.

The power of Source Four in a compact and economical size! The smaller-scale Source Four jr uses the same technology that made the standard Source Four famous. That means unsurpassed imaging and beam quality.

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ETC Source Four Junior supplied boxed with bare ends.

Compared to many conventional 650W and 1000W ellipsoidal spotlights, Source Four jr’s 575 watts still deliver an even brighter light and offer the flexibility of multiple HPL lamp options and interchangeable lenses. The Source Four jr is perfect for — but never limited to — smaller theater venues, churches, schools, industrials, and any other application where affordability, space-savings and great performance are the criteria.

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ETC Source Four Junior Specifications


  • Rugged die cast aluminum construction
  • 20 gauge stainless steel shutters in a bi-plane assembly
  • interchangeable lens tubes with smooth–running teflon
  • guides provide three user-fit field angle options
  • High impact, thermally insulated knobs and shutter handles
  • two accessory slots, and a top mounted, gel frame retainer
  • Steel yoke with two mounting positions
  • positive locking, hand-operated yoke clutch
  • Slot for stainless steel patterns
  • Slot with sliding cover for motorized pattern devices or
  • optional iris
  • UL and cUL Listed


  • 115-240V, 50/60Hz
  • High temperature 3–conductor 36” leads in a glass fiber
  • outer sleeve
  • Supports etc Dimmer DoublingTM technology


  • HpL — compact tungsten filament contained in a krypton- filled quartz envelope (see table for suitable lamp types)
  • 575W Maximum
  • integral die cast aluminum heat sink lamp base


  • optimized optical system for efficient photometric performance
  • projector-quality, high contrast aspheric lens
  • faceted borosilicate reflector with dichroic cold mirror coating
  • removes greater than 90% infrared radiation (heat) and
  • reflects greater than 95% of visible light
  • Reflector secured with anti-vibration shock mounts
  • tool free, positive locking X, Y and Z lamp centering
  • adjustments, unaffected by relamping
  • Beam edge continually adjustable hard-to-soft
  • interchangeable lens assembly kits permit selection of 26°, 36°, and 50° field angles,

Manufacturer: ETC

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Source Four CE jr 26° Luminaire, Black, Source Four CE jr 26° Luminaire, Silver Grey Grey, Source Four CE jr 26° Luminaire, White, Source Four CE jr 36° Luminaire, Black, Source Four CE jr 36° Luminaire, Silver Grey Grey, Source Four CE jr 36° Luminaire, White, Source Four CE jr 50° Luminaire, Black, Source Four CE jr 50° Luminaire, Silver Grey Grey, Source Four CE jr 50° Luminaire, White