Light Processor QBuffer DMX Splitter

  • Boost
  • Isolate
  • Split
  • Four x 1kV opto-isolated output channels.
  • Will fit in a 19inch Rack


The Light Processor QBuffer DMX Splitter can split, isolate, buffer and boost incoming DMX signals to four 1kV opto-isolated output channels.

The Light Processor QBuffer DMX Splitter is designed to protect against DMX line faults, incorrect connection and earth loops.

Additionally the Light Processor Splitter offers a means of Y-splitting a DMX signal and boosting DMX signals in very long cable runs.

Each output channel comprises of one 5-pin XLR output and one 3-pin XLR connector. Since each of the output connectors is independently driven, all eight outputs may be used.

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Additional information


Light Processor Q Buffer Instruction Manual


Instruction Manual for the Light Processor Q Buffer