Triple E Unitrack 1M

Manufacturer – Triple E

  • 1m Length
  • Unique fabricated ‘I’ beam
  • ‘jam free’ running system
  • smooth silent operation


Triple E Unitrack 1M

We stock the ‘Triple E’ curtain track system. This is a very strong and flexible system and can be assembled as a straight wipe track, an overlap track or a rope operated track.

Please contact us and we will design a complete track system for your venue.

  • Triple E Unitrack 1M Length
  • Unique fabricated ‘I’ beam
  • ‘Jam free’ running system
  • Smooth silent operation

For over 20 years, Triple E UNITRACK has led the market with robust construction, versatility and reliability. This reputation, built through countless successful applications in productions and events, has therefore established Triple E UNITRACK as a product of choice by professionals worldwide.

With its full range of accessories, Triple E UNITRACK is most suitable for heavy-duty applications. Because of this, UNITRACK will easily meet the demands of all major performance venues and events. All carriers utilize precision-sealed bearings molded into nylon wheels ensuring exceptionally quiet operation.

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Manufacturer – Triple E

Additional information

Weight2.75 kg
Dimensions100 × 5 × 10 cm