Zero 88 Solution XL

Solution XL shares the feature set of the Solution console built into a larger platform of 296 devices and 600 submasters making it attractive for the largest multi-functional venues.

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The Zero 88 Solution XL is a comprehensive multi-purpose lighting consoles, running the powerful ZerOS operating software.

The Zero 88 Solution XL provides simple clear progressions, from basic two preset generic control through to moving light and LED control. Hands on control with dedicated playback faders and channel faders, combine with a powerful theatre stack to enable any type of show.

The flexible front panel includes both playbacks and live control options, to allow the Solution consoles to be adapted to multipurpose venues where the requirements change daily. From simple moving light patching to powerful offset effects, the Solution & Solution XL have been designed with flexibility at their core.

Featuring ZerOS software, the Solution consoles offer powerful adjustment of complex effects, multiple tracking playbacks and adjustable user preferences to enable full professional programming options. Advanced palette references, tracking updates and remote tracking backup options mean you can rely on the Solution consoles to grow as your requirements do.

Designed to be easy to understand, yet adaptable enough to cope with even the largest lighting systems, Solution consoles make controlling your entire system as easy as turning on your house lights.

Zero 88 Solution XL specification
  • 296 fixtures
  • USB support for show files storage and touchscreen
  • 4 universe optically isolated DMX outputs, or Art-Net and sACN
  • Colour Picker
  • 12 LCDs
  • RDM
  • Optional upgrade enables SMPTE/MIDI/ChilliNet and Remote Switches
  • Comprehensive effects system
  • 30 playback faders with scenes, stacks or chases
  • Support for iOS, Android and Windows PC remote displays
  • Fixture Library with over 10,000 personalities
  • Showfile compatibility with other ZerOS consoles
  • Master playback for full theatrical playback
  • USB pluggable Wings available
  • CE compliant to all relevant standards
  • Designed and manufactured to ISO9001:2015 standards

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