ETC Source Four LED Series 3 coming soon!

Stage Lighting Services have placed an order for some ETC Source Four LED Series 3 profiles to add to our ever growing hire stock!

Over a decade of research comes together for the market that has inspired ETC for over 45 years. The Source Four LED Series 3 brings the brightest light to the stage with the Lustr X8 array. For the most nuanced colors and the Daylight HDR array for tunable white light.

We’ve added wireless DMX/RDM by integrating City Theatrical’s Multiverse® protocol, and easy NFC configuration using your mobile device and ETC’s Set Light app.

The color of emotion

When ETC added lime to the x7 array in 2014, it was a revolutionary step forward for colour mixing. Lime green increased the lumen output in open white and lighter tints making them brighter and livelier than other LED mixes. It was a step closer to matching the tungsten output of a conventional Source Four fixture. It also enriched colour-rendering by better marrying the red and blue ends of the colour spectrum.

Well, we’ve done it again. This time we’re adding Deep Red to the mix. With the eight-colour Lustr X8 array, Series 3 renders skin tones and sunsets with new depth. With the tunable white Daylight HDR array, you get a wider range of warm and cool whites. All, without sacrificing brightness.

Hang this fixture in a box boom, overhead, or from the farthest back-of-house position and be amazed at how bright your stage is. Source Four LED Series 3 truly brings brightness from every position.

ETC’s R&D department developed a way to give you fixtures that output a surprising number of lumens while maintaining the nuanced colour control you need to enhance every set, every stage, every venue. We’ve reached further into the corners of the CIE colour space to grab a red that is essential to accurately capture the life within every shade of skin, the warm glow of firelight, and the romance of

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ETC Source Four Mini Now In Hire

We have recently invested in a quantity of ETC Source Four Mini profiles

Good things come in small packages

Can go where no full-sized Source Four has gone before. ETC’s 50-watt Source Four Mini features the same crisp optics, 

user-friendly functionality and sleek look of the legendary Source Four fixture, but in a compact format one-tenth its size. It’s the perfect fit for 

museums, stores, restaurants, lobbies, light labs, children’s theaters and other smaller-scale installations.

The Source Four Mini has four field-angle choices and comes in a portable version with a miniature C-clamp with an integral transformer. Surprisingly bright for its size, the Mini offers crystal-clear image projection and a bright, even field.

Features for all Source Four Mini models
  • Available lenses 19°, 26°, 36° and 50° field angles (We currently stock 26°
  • 9″ long, 2.5″ diameter
  • Portable
  • E-size pattern holder
  • Gel media frame
  • Rotating barrel ± 175°
  • Three-plane stainless-steel shutter blade assembly
  • Insulated rear handle
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
  • Black

Manufacturer: ETC

Please contact us for ETC Source Four availability and prices.