Unveiling the Spine-Chilling Halloween Spectacle at “Fonmon Castle”

Fonmon Castle, Just outside Cardiff, shrouded in a centuries-old enigma, bore witness to an unforgettable Halloween Scare Trail that stretched across a spectral 1km journey, beckoning visitors into a realm of chilling enchantment and supernatural intrigue. As the moon cast an ominous glow over the ancient stone walls, our team of spectral artisans summoned an ethereal tapestry of lights and sounds, weaving a tale of otherworldly apparitions and ghostly whispers that echoed through the night.

A ghoulishly laid 1km of cable snaked through the castle’s sprawling grounds, guiding the brave souls willing to venture into the heart of darkness. Our collection of sinister Cameo B200 Floods, the ghostly Cameo FlatPar Pro 12‘ pars, and the spectral SGM P-6 Floods bathed the path in an eerie glow, revealing the hidden terrors that lurked in the shadows. The enigmatic Cameo Q-Spot 40i’s and the haunting Cameo Xnode’s, recently unearthed from our spectral arsenal, conjured visions of flickering specters and ethereal phantoms, intensifying the haunting allure of the night.

Harnessing the supernatural powers of QLAB 5, our spectral puppet masters orchestrated a symphony of light and sound, guiding visitors through a labyrinth of spine-tingling horrors and ghostly apparitions. The echoes of phantom footfalls and the wails of long-forgotten spirits, meticulously curated by Stage Sound Services, ensured that every step along the 1km Halloween Scare Trail at Fonmon Castle was an encounter with the unknown.

As the mist enveloped the castle and the night deepened, the Halloween Scare Trail at Fonmon Castle unraveled a tale of ancient curses and spectral whispers, leaving an indelible mark on all who dared to venture through its haunted paths. With this hauntingly memorable event behind us, we are inspired to continue conjuring immersive storytelling experiences, infusing every encounter with a touch of the supernatural and a whisper of the unknown.

Stay tuned for more updates and a glimpse behind the veil of our upcoming projects, as we continue to craft spine-chilling tales and bring the mysteries of the night to life.

What’s New Wednesdays! – Cameo Flat Pro 12

Set up, connect, finished! The Camero FLAT PRO® 12 G2 LED PAR spotlight offers you a professional outdoor allrounder that saves you a lot of work under adverse conditions: whether as a calibrated and compact IP65 uplight fixed to a building facade, as a noiseless light source in theatres or as an effects light for live shows.

Its patented EZChase® DMX delay feature allows you to create running lights effects without an external controller. This saves on DMX channels as well as time and patience. You can also rely on it to always provide consistent ambient lighting. Regardless of how many FLAT PRO G2s you connect together, the integrated calibration chip ensures that full and pastel RGBWA colour spectrum colours can be used without any deviations.

The FLAT PRO® 12 G2 comprises 12 x 10-watt 5-in-1 RGBWA LEDs for an impressive luminous flux of 4,300 lm. Thanks to its adjustable PWM frequency (650 Hz to 25 kHz), there’s no need to worry about flickering LEDs when dimming for theatre, TV studios, film sets or light festivals.

An outdoor IP65 flat PAR spotlight is only as good as its handling. That’s why we’ve optimised many points of the series’ design. The handle is inconspicuously integrated into the compact metal housing, while the OLED display with touch-sensitive keys delivers fast and simple operation.

Every seconds counts when working in wind and rain. The redesigned convection cooling and the professional connection options with Neutrik True-compatible inputs and outputs and 3-pin IP65 DMX sockets all offer the highest possible reliability.

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Cameo Flat Pro 12 Features:

  • 12 x 10-watt 5-in-1 RGBWA LEDs with 4,300 lm luminous flux for warm full and pastel colours
  • IP-65 certified for permanent outdoor use
  • Noiseless & flicker-free operation for theatres, broadcasting & film
  • Professional Neutrik True1-compatible inputs/outputs & IP65 DMX input/output sockets
  • Robust, flat and compact metal housing
  • Patented EZChase® DMX Delay: running lights effect without DMX control
  • OLED display with touch-sensitive keys
  • Calibrated LEDs
  • Improved design with built-in carry grip
  • Optionally available: SPIN 16 spigot, Omega bracket

What’s New Wednesdays! – Cameo Zenit B200

The Cameo Zenit B200 Battery Powered Outdoor Wash has arrived!

With built-in wireless DMX, battery operation and IP65 rating, the Cameo ZENIT® B200 is ready for demanding indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

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Cameo ZENIT B200 Outdoor Wash Coming Soon!

Stage Lighting Services have recently ordered some of Cameo’s Zenit B200 Outdoor Wash’s, to add to their ever-growing hire stock. Here’s what Cameo have to say about them…

“With built-in wireless DMX, battery operation and IP65 rating, the Cameo ZENIT® B200 is ready for demanding indoor and outdoor lighting applications. The highly professional wash light is equipped with twenty-one 15 W RGBW LEDs with a 50,000 hour lifetime and powerful 6,600 lm output for brilliant, uniform colours. A polyethylene and tempered glass lens provides a 21° beam spread.

For maximum versatility, the ZENIT® B200 sports Cameo’s innovative SnapMag® technology. It allows you to add filter frames in less than a second without the need for tools or dismantling. Magnetic SnapMag® frames with precision light shaping diffusers and a 4-way barn door are available as dedicated accessories.

In addition to RDM, seven modes of DMX and IR remote or manual control via the fixture’s display the ZENIT® B200 incorporates a 2.4 GHz W-DMX™ transceiver. Developed by Wireless Solution Sweden AB, W-DMX™ has become the unofficial standard for professional wireless lighting control. The luminaire’s super capacity lithium-ion battery is providing reliable RGBW mode performance up to 24 hours from a single charge, and the smart battery management system prevents overcharging and exhaustive discharge for extended battery life.

Sporting six selectable PWM frequencies up to 25,000 Hz and convection cooling for flicker-free and noiseless performance, the ZENIT® B200 is perfectly suitable for motion picture and TV applications. It utilises high-resolution 16-bit colour mixing and dimming and includes a choice of dimming curves with adjustable response plus temperature correction. The aluminium housing features a bright 4-button OLED display for easy configuration. The ZENIT® B200 can also be used for emergency lighting when connected to a DC outlet and comes with an IR remote control, omega mounting bracket and power cord.”

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